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Roma Energy Holdings LLC.
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Exploration & Production Company in the USA & Mexico

Roma Energy Holdings LLC. is a premier operator that mainly focuses on the exploration and production work in the oil as well as a gas industry across the USA and Mexico.

Since 2016, we have been serving a diverse range of clients, including federal and state agencies, private companies, and other commercial users by helping them stimulate their overall performance.

Who We Are

With us, you get a talented and dedicated team with years of experience in the hydrocarbon sector. We understand the unique operational challenges and can deliver accurate solutions to streamline your exploration and production process. We never compromise on standards and keep your business running efficiently while positively impacting the environment.

How We Help

At Roma Energy Holdings LLC., we offer a vast array of services from start to finish to be your single point of contact in fulfilling your needs.

Whether you are looking for the channeling of wells, supervision services, logistics and transport of equipment, or anything related to exploration and production, we have assets that no other agency has to help you achieve your goals.

  • Consulting
  • Productivity of Wells
  • Operating Services
  • Development of Projects
Roma Energy Holdings LLC.