Oil & Gas

Effective Full Fledge Solutions for Oil & Gas Industry

Roma Energy Holdings LLC.


Systems artificial production, deposits, stimulation, fracturing, completion, production, petrophysics and risk analysis, facilities, inspection techniques of pipelines, piping, and facilities maintenance.

Productivity of wells

Visualization and channeling of wells with opportunities for exploitation, analysis of reservoir, wells and facilities, nodal analysis, diagnosis and design of wells (artificial production system), design for stimulation and fractures, study well closed for detection of opportunities.

Operating Services

Supervision services, monitoring, and execution of operations, monitoring and travel to ducts, review of the physical integrity of facilities, pipelines, and well. Refurbishment of infrastructure and specialized components that are involved in the process of production of hydrocarbons.

  • Operation and maintenance of equipment for measurement of wells.
  • Maintenance and operation of equipment for mechanical pumping wells.
  • Maintenance of operation of measurement for pneumatic pumping wells.
  • Maintenance and repair of equipment of drilling of wells.
  • Corrective maintenance and general repair of air compressors brand Bendix.
  • Westinghouse, Curtis Toledo, Ingersoll Rand.
  • Maintenance of winches tires brands Ingersoll Rand.
  • Maintenance console pneumatic etc.


Comprehensive exploitation projects, installation of networks of transport of hydrocarbons, maintenance and overhaul of physical infrastructure and specialized equipment, logistics and transport of equipment, flow assurance, implementation of new technologies.

“We are currently focused on the Central-Southern Gulf of Mexico in the ” Cuenca del Sureste ” in the state of Tabasco. We have a strong management team with extensive experience in Mexico’s oil and gas sector (serving Pemex for several years).

As a result of our participation in the Tender 1.3 “Mature Terrestrial Fields ” Round 1, convened by the COMISION NACIONAL DE HIDROCARBUROS, we were awarded the Contractual Area 16 “Paraíso.”

On May 10th, 2016, we signed the “Contract for extraction of hydrocarbons in the form of license” with a duration of 25 years with two possible extensions of five years each, starting in 2017 the evaluation activities.

Project VC-01

Project VC-01 contemplates the discovery of a deposit at the level of the Orizaba Formation of the Middle Cretaceous, through the drilling of an exploratory location. Obtaining oil production in the rocks of the Guzmantla Formation of the Upper Cretaceous Platform, by drilling 2 boundary locations, one in the Plan de Oro area and the other in the Tres Higueras area. Reactivating the production of 5 shut-down wells with exploitation possibilities in the Tres Higueras field, through four minor repairs and one major repair.