Exploration & Production Specialists

Roma Energy Holdings LLC. is a company consolidated at the international level with extensive experience in the energy sector, mainly in the oil and gas industry. We work to meet the requirements of the hydrocarbon sector in a broader context of commercial, industrial, and governmental operations both in the United States and Mexico. We collaborate with different clients with different scopes, including federal and state agencies, private companies, and other commercial users.

Our clients benefit from the experience of our specialists and our commitment to meet their needs. Roma Energy Holdings LLC. has the capacity for the provision of services in difficult market conditions. Our experience in traditional and emerging markets of hydrocarbons allows us to place us at the forefront in the sector of E&P with reliable and competitive services. Besides, our company constantly adopts cutting edge technology and strives to remain a leader in the industry, providing added value to our customers.


We are looking for new opportunities for development within the energy sector involving challenges that probe our capacity, our infrastructure, and our expertise, providing extraordinary solutions that maximize the development of our environment and contribute to the benefit of communities.


Being a leader in the industry of exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons worldwide, recognized for our efficiency, integrity, and reliability, with great impact on the economic development and high social responsibility and environmental.

Values and principles

Focus on results

Routing all acts to the achievement of expected, acting with speed and sense of urgency before important decisions to outperform our competitors, meet the needs of our customers, and improve our Organization.


Give everyone what is in the relationship with customers and suppliers, in the management of staff; always ensuring compliance with organizational policies. Involves thinking, feeling, and acting this way at all times, in all circumstances.


Excellence in work; possess the ability to understand the essence of the complex aspects to transform them into practical and operable solutions to the organization.


Give responsibility to our employees so that they have a deep sense of commitment and personal autonomy, participate, make important contributions, take risks, and acquire leadership positions.

Respect for the environment

Work in harmony with the ecological environment, promoting the conservation of nature, basic requirement to achieve optimal conditions of life in the future.